Childhood friends Deric Williams (Lead Vocals, Guitar), and Daniel Clark (Percussion, Drums) formed as Motive for Movement in 2005. The past seven years have brought them lineup changes, countless shows/tours/ festival dates, multiple albums (Including their 2010 self-recorded/produced full length "Our Concrete Neighbors,” mixed by Mike Majors), and a considerable progression of sound.  They changed their name, this year, to Foreign Home to better represent where they are going instead of where they’ve been. Foreign Home will be releasing the “How Strange the Night EP” sometime this spring. The new EP was produced/mixed by Costa Stasinopoulos at Blackwatch Studios (Norman, OK) and The Church Studio (Tulsa, OK) and Mastered by Mike Marsh (Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Klaxons) at The Exchange Studio London. With a belief that there are only two kinds of music, good & bad, Foreign Home isn’t afraid to draw from and incorporate any style of music into their genre-bending tunes. Finding influence in everything from surf music to progressive rock, post-punk to pop, the guys of Foreign Home (Deric Williams, Daniel Clark, Tobie Munroe, and Chris Davis) have set out to redefine what American Indie can be, and succeeded.


 She said you're lost

in the most exquisite way




This album has all the right components of a truly astonishing indie album. It’s full of honestly, optimism, nostalgic youth, whimsical words and alluring guitars and drums. So “let’s pay our admission, to enjoy the show,” with the theatrical Hoax. “Tear this city down tonight,” with the beautiful crooning vocals and magnificent well written lyrics of Weary Bones.  The intertwining of the passionate screaming and the beautiful singing in Knife Fight In A Telephone Booth. Let your imagination take you away in Pink Noise; “In the distance behind me, the traffic mocks the shore, creating a stereo, of pink noise.” The melancholic, yet hopeful, About A Bear; “It's not enough to merely sit by and let things go unsaid, these words may never find you but we'll say them anyway.” The ride through the upbeat nostalgic trip back to childhood in Paper Leaves; “I long to be like a child tying paper leaves, to a tree that long ago went to a wintry sleep, scaling the tallest branches with scissors, parchment, and string, to replace the fallen leaves.”  Or the remorseful Catholic Guilt; “These days I feel as though, nothing has ever left me with the skills to cope.”

Once you start listening to this album you will definitely find yourself singing the words in your head, and not minding it one bit. Go support one of the best unsigned indie bands out there right now and like them on Facebook so you can stay up to date with all their stuff going on, including the album release date.



Album Rating: 4/5

Best Tracks: Weary Bones, Pink Noise, Paper Leaves,