Set It Off’s ‘Horrible Kids’ – ALBUM REVIEW

In the past few months, orchestral pop band Set It Off have truly made a name for themselves.  Since they were featured in our Bands You Should Know ( section nearly two months ago, they have concluded the recording of their latest EP titled Horrible Kids and are currently on the I Get Around Tour with The Millionaires, Breathe Electric, and Christian TV.  Dates and tickets for this tour can be found here.  Today, Horrible Kidshas arrived and is available to purchase on iTuneshere! Taking a new direction with their music to really show fans what they’ve got, Horrible Kids is seven dollars well worth the money.  Pick it up on iTunes today and catch them on the I Get Around Tour when it stops in your city!

Breathe In, Breathe Out is the beginning track off this phenomenal EP, starting out with a catchy beat that is sure to grasp the attention of listeners’ only seconds in.  Using instruments that are not entirely common in the music scene these days shows that Set It Off have an extra kick to their music that is not only hard to find but is also very effective when creating their own style.  As soon as Cody Carson’s kick in, the new direction of music that the boys in Set It Off have taken is evident and proves to be a positive change.  Though the sound seems heavy, the lyrics sung by Carson are relatable to a vast majority of people.  Due to this,Breathe In, Breathe Out will be a fan favorite without a doubt.  With guitar riffs and outstanding vocals in hand, Set It Off have kicked off their EP on a high note that is sure to have people smiling and dancing along.  Up next is previously released single End In Tragedy, which has had fans anxious for the release of this EP for months.  The track perfectly shows off the sound that they have so gracefully captivated, combining sounds off rock music with uncommon classical instruments.  End In Tragedy lyrically serves as relatable as we all have those nights were nothing goes right and you want to forget everything.  Though this track has already been released, it is without a doubt one of the strongest songs on the EP, also being a fan favorite in many ways.  This is the type of song that will have you wanting to jump up and down along with the beat of drummer Maxx Danziger’s genius combination of kick drum and cymbals.  Track three on the EP is Ashley’s Song, which begins in a way similar to the sound of what you would hear on Panic! At The Disco’s album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.  It may be because of Carson’s vocals on this track, but regardless of the reason why, it is a sound that works very well for Set It Off.  Adding in some heavy vocals once and a while, Carson shows his capability to conquer notes both high and low.  When the chorus kicks in, one can’t help but want to sing along even the first time through.  Ashley’s Song is both catchy and relatable, proving that Set It Off have perfectly produced a sound that is overall very effective.  Even as they remain an unsigned band, Set It Off is definitely a force to be reckoned with as well as a band you should be looking out for this year.

@Reply is a single that made its debut at the end of last year, and has won over the hearts of many.  With athrilling introduction that will raise goose bumps on your arm that is soon accompanied by Carson’s what seems to be perfect scream, it is no surprise that this is the track that drew many fans to this band.  The lyrical meaning of this track is truly phenomenal, once again showing Carson’s vulnerability as he relates to each and every person who gives this track a listen.  Lyrics entail living life the way you wish to live it, without caring about what those around you think.  Heavy hitting notes, including many instances in which Carson shows off his ability to scream without ruining the angelic appeal to his voice, give this track exactly what it needs to be a huge hit with fans.  As the song draws to an end, the pace slows down as Carson laughs building up into a steady scream with lyrics “they come out at night”, which serves as a perfect gap in a rocking track.  Up next comes the title track of the EP, beginning with vocals by Carson paired with guitar riffs by Zach Something and Dan Clermont.  This stunning pair of instruments and vocals quickly picks up into a steady beat that flows through the entire track.  Group vocals are included in the form of laughs and shrieks, a unique tactic that is effective for Horrible Kids.  Using lyrics that many fans, especially those in their teenage years, will find themselves relating to, Set It Off once again shows how strong they are as a band.  Slowing down back into the combination of vocals and instruments about half way through the track, Set It Off allows fans to really get in tune with lyrics that are ever so relatable.  The track kicks right back again until concluding with the lyrics “horrible kids look what we did” followed by a unique instrumental sound that serves as a perfect transition into the next track, I Think It’s Arrogance.  With a techno feeling towards the beginning with a steady beat, soon accompanied by the heavy hitting guitar and drum pieces that were common in previous tracks, Set It Off shows variety in their sound once again.  Carson shows his true talent in lyric writing through this track as he writes about events that are relatable to fans of all ages.  Singing each lyric in its own unique way, Carson further shows off his talent in the capability his voice possesses.  As the EP nears an end, Set It Off have glorified their sound as they prove to the world that thy can conquer any sound that they set their heart to.

Third Wheel begins with brass instruments and Danziger’s incredible drumming abilities, a sound that has notyet been heard through this EP.  These instruments continue on throughout the track, providing an extravagant backup to Carson’s vocals as he yet again shows his abilities.  Continuing on with the all time high in lyrical meaning, this track is sure to be another fan favorite without a doubt.  Lyrics explain a relationship in its beginning phases, which is a situation that everyone has gone through.  True talent has been shown throughout this EP as lyrics that hit home for many listeners are tied into hard hitting notes and screaming vocals, yet another uncommon pairing in the music scene.  Missing You is the concluding track of the EP, and is also my personal favorite.  Slowing the sound down completely, Set It Off show that not only can they produce music that will have people jumping up and down to within seconds, but they also prevail when it comes to tracks that one listens to when they are going through a hard time.  Carson’s vocals prevail in this track, paired perfectly with a discreet acoustic guitar sound and minor drums by Danziger.  Missing You is a track that you listen to for its lyrical meaning because the lyrics alone show off so much talent and potential in this band.  You will find tears forming in the corners of your eyes as you dive into the lyrics of this incredible track.  With only a minute left of the EP, the pace picks up as does the note range in Carson’s vocals.  By building right back up into the sound that has been loved throughout the EP, Set It Off conclude Horrible Kids at a very high point that will have you thirsting for more.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Favorite Tracks: Missing You, @Reply, End In Tragedy

Photos by: Chris Martin