For avid fans of Go Radio it was no secret that the release of there first full length "Lucky Street" was greeted with widespread pleasure, after months of anticipation.With two phenomenal E.P's to their name, surely they would produce what one would call a work of art on a full length.

It's comes as no surprise to hear that Jason Lancaster was once a part of Mayday Parade, Only Go Radio allows him to take his distinctive your driving vocals into new realms.

"Lucky Street" opens up with the resonating sound of bombs and sirens, Don't let this put you off, it really comes into effect when the first chord is struck, The driving guitar really carries this song and usual Jason Lancaster really showcases his lyrical ability with a fantastic melody that will have you hooked in seconds. 

By the time you hit the track "Swear It Like You Mean It" you will be in love with the not only the structure of the tracks but the production level of this album. They really spent time on there driving guitar tone and thumping drums. 

"Swear It Like You Mean It"  opens up with a beautiful vocal harmony and quaint piano before breaking into what can only be described as the most catchy chorus this record has to offer. Go Radio showcase there true talent as musicians with two beautiful tracks "Why I'm Home" and "House Of Hallways".

"Why I'm Home" really brings you in as a listener, with the perfect degree of soft vocals and beautifully descriptive lyrics which will leave you begging to hear more of the same on future records."Forever My Father" which you may remember from there debut EP only this time around they tweaked what was already a classic song in memory of Jason Lancaster's fathers death.

Overall "Lucky Street" offers a very diverse range of styles to keep every listener happy, be it there beautiful,stripped down tracks to there all out guitar driven rock & roll. I think Go Radio listeners will be very pleased with there debut album and will be extremely   excited to see what they can bring to the table in the future.

If you have not heard of Go Radio then I suggest you take time out of your day to listen to what could soon become the best band in there genre.

Rating: 8/10