Over the last decade, Avril Lavigne has seen quite a variety of fame and success between her career as not only a successful and well known musician, but also as an actress on occasion.  Quite obviously, she is better known for her solo artist career.  With hits such as “Don’t Tell Me”, which hit the #1 spot on billboards in Argentina and Mexico along with a top five spot in the UK and Canada, and “Complicated”, which landed the #2 spot in US billboards, Avril Lavigne is not only talented but also clearly recognized as an idol world wide.  After a three year break since the release of her last record The Best Damn Thing, Avril will debut her new album tomorrow (3/8/11) titled Goodbye Lullaby.  Will this get Avril back to her popular pop punk/rock sound?  Many fans are hoping so, however since the release of her first single “What The Hell” from the album, it is apparent that her sound has changed for good.  Revolving her style around a more pop related sound, Avril releases this new record filled with positive lyrics and fast paced beats to show fans that she is a versatile artist.  Rather than being bitter that our “Sk8er Boi” Avril is gone, take a listen to Goodbye Lullaby and see the amount of talent she truly possesses!

Beginning the album with a beautiful piano segment, “Black Star” has a beautiful melody that is nothing like what Avril has produced before.  Avril uses her angelic voice to prolong this beautiful feeling with the very few lyrics that are present in the song, which captivates listeners as they question how this opening track will compare to the rest of the album.  “What The Hell” is the first released single from the album, making its debut last month.  This track kicks right back into the more recent style that Avril has adapted to through her music, using techno beats with a combination of talk singing verses and an outburst of energy in her chorus.  “What The Hell” is without a doubt a radio hit, one that gives fans the opportunity to get up and dance around.  Along with this, the lyrics are powerful and personal enough for cans to truly feel a connection with.  Bringing an acoustic guitar into the mix, “Push” brings in the diversity of Avril’s style once again.  This is a track that relates back to her golden years, sounding very similar to “I’m With You” from Let Go.  With guest vocals to make the most solid lyrics stand out to their fullest capacity, “Push” is a track that many fans will hear and love instantly.  Rather than focusing on one genre of music, Avril has shown three tracks that showcase her versatility upon first listen.  “Wish You Were Here” continues with these vibes by starting out with an acoustic guitar as well, paired perfectly with vocals and lyrics that are more relatable than any of the previous tracks on the album.  Getting back to her older style, Avril has made the impression that not only is she back but she also has multiple styles that can relate to virtually anyone who is willing to listen to this new album.  By writing relatable lyrics that seem to be perfectly paired with the combination of acoustic guitar and synthesizer beats, Avril Lavigne’s new album is a hit just four tracks in.

With an electric guitar to bring on the next section of the album, “Smile” is an upbeat track that is combined with rap styled vocals that lead into a pop/rock chorus that is sure to get your toes tapping.  Once again, Avril has written another track full of relatable lyrics that fans will love whether or not they are the partying type.  This is a versatile track that can serve as many different types of an escape for listeners, whether it be a track to pump them up as they get ready for the day or the track they sing along to at the top of their lungs in the car with a handful of best friends.  “Smile” is the most upbeat track on the album thus far, and holds the rank as my favorite on the album.  “Stop Standing There” kicks the album right back into the acoustic guitar feel, but adds in a kick drum beat that sets it apart from previous tracks.  Lyrically, this is a song that is perfect for putting one in a good mood and getting them up on their feet and following their dreams.  It includes many instruments that are not commonly heard in Avril’s songs, even including simple handclaps.  “I Love You” begins with simple vocals that entail feelings that are commonly felt in a relationship, making it yet another relatable song for fans all across the world to enjoy.  Rather than focusing on the common heartbreak that inspires many writers, Avril took a different turn to show the happiness that comes along with love.  “I Love You” is a mood-changing track that is sure to plaster a smile on your face, whether or not you have somebody in mind while listening to the track.  The guitar and light drums flow perfectly with the way the track is sung, making it an even more powerful song.  With an endearing title that screams relatable, “Everybody Hurts” begins with light instrumental pieces and powerful lyrics that are sure to captivate listeners’ interests from the get go.  This is without a doubt the most relatable track on the album because everybody goes through a point in their life where they are hurting, and this is the type of song that one looks to in order to get their attitude back up.  Avril has done it again with the combination of instruments and vocals, making this album a definite force to be reckoned with along with a very positive turnaround for our favorite punk artist.  

“Not Enough” begins with a unique and beautiful acoustic guitar solo that flows perfectly from the previous track.  With vocals very similar to what was heard in the previous track as well, Avril has a streak going of strong melodies that have energy packed chorus’ to truly make listeners get a sense of positivity in the way that her sound as transformed over the years.  Her common vocal pieces are brought into play and are strongly paired with drum and symbol beats, along with the acoustic guitar, that truly make this track strong. “4 Real” begins immediately with Avril’s soothing voice, gradually accompanied by the instruments that have become so popular throughout the album.  With a rhyming chorus that insinuates a falling relationship that one doesn’t want to see end, Avril creates a track that is yet again relatable to fans.  This track hits home because it tells of the feelings that people often can’t find the words to speak about; about being left behind or forgotten in a relationship.  With a more catchy and upbeat acoustic guitar sound, “Darlin” begins with a powerful combination in musical aspects that is sure to catch ones attention.  Avril plays with her vocal capabilities in this track, creating a successful sound that is unique when it comes to her music as a whole.  By using an acoustic guitar as the only instrument in the track, Avril is able to captivate her voice and use it to the best of its ability.  Bringing the piano back into the album for the first time since the introductory track, “Remember When” creates a soulful sound that serves as an escape to listeners.  With a strong distinction between the chorus and verses, Avril uses her versatile tones of voice as she sings throughout this track.  From high to low pitches, Avril strikes as a powerful artist that will definitely be seeing more positive attention from both fans and publicity in her near future.

 With only two tracks left on the album, Avril has shocked both new and fans by getting back to her roots of making music.  “Goodbye” starts with a continuation of piano and addition of a new sound with violins, shortly paired with the beautiful voice that Avril possesses yet again.  Being the last track on the original album, it serves as the perfect conclusion to a great album.  Not only does the song have strong lyrics that many can find themselves relating to, but it also serves as a great way to end the album due to the same lyrics.  Avril Lavigne has produced a very versatile and unique album that will have both long time and recent fans insanely proud of what is pulsing through their ears.  A hidden track is also found on this album, which is an extended version of her track “Alice” that was previously produced for the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack.  This extended version is more deep and hard packed than the original, entailing a gloomier sounding tune.  This is the most unique track that Avril has produced, and is one of the strongest at that.  

Avril Lavigne released a music video for the first single on the album, "What The Hell".  Watch the video below!