The After Party's Self Titled EP - ALBUM REVIEW

The After Party is a pop quartet from Kansas City, KS with a musical sound that will instantly have you dancing along to, with passion for what they do to back them 100%.  Since the release of their debut EP All The Wrong Places in 2009, The After Party has gained a fan base of their own across the nation.  On April 4th they will be releasing their latest self-titled EP for the world to hear.  The tracks found on this EP are easily ones that have potential to become very popular throughout a wide group of people, especially with the immensely relatable lyrics that are found track after track.  Need new music that will have your mood instantly raised and your toes tapping along?  Then pick up The After Party’s latest EP on iTunes April 4th

The EP begins with an energetic track effectively titledCan’t Stop.  With techno beats to go along with a steady drum beat, The After Party show those who listen that they can produce music that is fitting to bring your mood up.  As the chorus states “I can’t stop dancing”, it has listeners getting up on their feet to flow along with the beat from the first listen on.  Due to its energy, it is a track that will be a hit without a doubt and will only be stronger when played live.  After this feel good track, Don’t Wanna Be kicks in with powerful group vocals that really grasp the attention of all those who listen.  With a mellower feel than the previous track, The After Party shows just how much they have to offer when it comes to their overall sound.  Don’t Wanna Be is a track that is filled with a great combination of group vocals, light guitar riffs, and a steady drumbeat to go with the bass that bumps through your speakers.   The After Party’s sound in this track is very similar to all of our favorite 1990’s boy bands, however updated to the capabilities of music today. Falling Out Of Love begins with techno beats that resemble many of the hit club songs today.  When vocals kick in, they seem to flow along with the beat just perfectly.  By bringing each instrument into the song one at a time, a new tactic is created that proves to be very effective for The After Party.  As soon as the chorus kicks in, one can’t help but want to get up and dance along to the energetic beats that are being heard.  This track combines the sounds of the previous two tracks, creating for a third outrageous song on the EP thus far.  The lyrics to this track are very relatable when it comes to those who listen as well because they chose to write about the subject of falling out of love, which is something that we most of us go through at one point in our lives.  Halfway through their self-titled EP, The After Party is living up to their name by presenting high energy and powerful tracks to our ears.

Hey Little Miss begins with the recording of a voice machine, another tactic that has not been popular recently in the industry.  This track is a quieter version of the techno/pop sound that was heard previously in the EP.  However, the ability that The After Party possesses to successfully produce a track that has high energy but also slows down and gives listeners a break from the dance along power that was heard previously.  The chorus to this track is incredibly catchy; fans will find themselves catching on to the lyrics within the first minute of the track.  Secret Lover begins with a snap along sound that will give fans a chance at something new.  When the first instrumental section is over and the vocals drop in, the techno beats are heard once again with thebackup of the drums that listeners have grown to love.  As soon as the chorus hits, the beat speeds up and vocals become louder in order to differentiate between the sounds of the chorus and the verses.  The chorus is extremely with its “na-na-na-na” vocals and catchy lyrics that will have fans locked instantly.  This is the best track on the EP.  Time Bomb is the last track on this six song EP, beginning with heavy drumming that will have your foot tapping after the first two seconds.  The vocals sound similar to what would be heard in a punk/rock track until the chorus kicks in and The After Party is right back on track with the sound that they have become known for.  This is another track on the EP that has lyrics that fans will find themselves relating to, especially due to the catchy chorus that it possesses.  With a very strong track to end their EP, The After Party has given both new and old fans a variety of what they can do.  Overall, this is an EP that I highly recommend picking up because it is one that will have you feeling like you are on top of the world.  

Best TracksCan’t Stop, Don’t Wanna Be, Secret Lover

Rating: 8.5/10

The After Party released a music video for their track Come On, Come On off of their first EP released in 2009 titled All The Wrong Places.  Check out the video below, and pick up their previous EP here as you anticipate the debut of the new one!