Chris Barrett is making his mark today with the release of his two latest singles, Sky High and Hands Up.  These tracks are available on iTunes here, along with all other major retail outlets.  Be sure to show your support and pick up these incredible and catchy tracks today!

Sky High is Chris’ first single, previously released early on this year.  It is a very upbeat track, jam packed with feel good vibes that one can’t help but tap their toes or dance along to.  The song is introduced with heavy beats that are very easy to like from the get go, especially when combined with Chris’ magical voice shortly after.  By having such a positive impact on all those who listen to Sky High, this is a single that has huge potential to be popular in oncoming months.  If you are looking for a track that will make you truly feel good about your surroundings, one that you can just let loose to, Sky High is definitely the one for you with its powerful messages and upbeat melodies.

Hands Up is the latest single by Chris, one that was never before heard upon the release today.  Being a song more likely to be played in clubs, Hands Up not only provides similar messages to Sky High, but it also provides an even better way to dance around and have fun to.  The introduction to the song starts out strong with powerful vocals, directing right towards the positive vibes from the get go.  Lyrically, Hands Up is a song that entails truly letting loose in order to really have a good time.  About halfway through the track, a rap part takes place in which these lyrical messages are taken full blast.  Through the powerful combination of vocals and musical instruments, Chris breaks through with this pop hit that is sure to be a fan favorite when it comes to dancing.