Columbus, Ohio natives City Lights formed in early 2008. Their debut EP "Rock Like A Party Star” was self-released in April of that same year, without the help or promotion of a label or management, their debut album has sold over 5,000 copies. After several DIY tours, and their own blend of pop-punk and hardcore, City Lights has had the privilege of touring with The Years Gone By, Sparks The Rescue, Mayday Parade, Amber Pacific, and The Dangerous Summer. You can pick up your own copy now via InVogue Records!

After a clip of a home run and baseball crowds screams, the opening track Intro takes on heavy drums and then poppy positive vocals saying “We will be, Anything that we wanna be, When we grow up.” The lyrics aren’t bad, but for less than a minute, 31 seconds of them actually singing, it barely passing as Intro.

On the second song Hang Out, you wouldn’t even think it’s the same band. While the song can hold its own weight, it’s basically a pop version of New Found Glory’s “My Friends Over You.” With lead singer, Oshie Bichar, singing, “I know it's just a game That we both like to play, But at the end of the day, I think I'd rather go hang out with my friends.”

Please Let Me Know is a track about how growing up sucks.  Even though they are only in their 20’s they complain about “When we were kids, things were so different/ People didn't spend all their time
talkin' shit on the internet
.” And then they talk about how they are “old” singing, “We spent all our time wishing we were older, but now we're getting old, and it fucking sucks.

The incredibly contagious and positive message behind Where You’ve Been takes the record on whole new spin, making it one of the best on the record. With motivational lyrics like “the greatest pleasure in life is doing what they say you cannot do" and “Always live your life without restrictions, One day it'll flash before your eyes, So make sure that it's worth watching.”


Trophy Room is about a young lady who is basically a maneater and will do everything to not be the one who gets heartbroken, “Well she starts with her eyes, when she sets her trap, as she carefully surveys the room, looking for the most pathetic of boys.”

My Entire Life expresses the feelings we’re all going to have for that one special person that we fell the hardest for, and how they will always have a spot in our hearts. “And even through long distances, And drawn out time, I know that you'll always be mine.

In Just In Case they take a stance and embrace their youthfulness to the fullest when Bichar sings about partying, “Me and my crew will make this night, One to remember/Just in case, you don't know, We’re the kids who own the skyline.

Lawnmower tackles the bitter side of how love goes astray, “Every time I see that movie, I think of all the time and money, I wasted on you.” The acoustic version is undeniable beautiful.

I Made A Song On Garage Band And All I Got Was This Lousy Record Deal, starts out with very heavy drums and then starts bashing on the latest and greatest music acts in the scene, “And everybody's tired of all the songs that you've been playing” “Syncing up your look and sound, with all the latest crazes.

What It Takes is another positive song that everyone can take something from, “I've made my mistakes, but I won't turn back now, Light burns up my back, and we will stand a ground.”

City Lights should keep their on point pop punk riffage and immense energy. But try and embrace the moment of being young and carefree instead of so serious, because they do have entire world at their feet, and shouldn’t have a worry on their mind.

Best Tracks: Where You've Been, Just in Case, What It Takes

Rating: 6/10