With over 130k followers on Twitter and 870k fans on Facebook, Jordan Witzigreuter (better known as The Ready Set) has quickly taken over the pop airwaves with his infectious, danceable pop sound designed to make people have fun and let lose. Being release October 11, 2011 (via Sire/Decaydance records )‘Feel Good Now’ is The Ready Set’s first release since last year’s ‘I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming,’ which produced the Top 30 single ‘Love Like Woe.’

The first single off the EP is Hollywood Dream is about being a kid from a small town with a simple life, who falls in love with a famous, Beverly Hills-style girl. Even with cheesy lyrics that scream shallow and childish such as “Screaming I want her with me she could be the hills to my Beverly” and “I'm looking at her pretty face at every turn lovin' the way she drives a range rover” Jordan can somehow pull off singing them and make it a undeniably upbeat hit.

Do you know how commercials have those catchy songs that get stuck in your head for hours on end? Well, Killer is definitely one of those songs.  With a Panic! To The Disco type vibe, it has to be one of the better songs on the album. While not actually singing about killing, the song is about how he is a “love killer” and how he ruins relationship.  With catchy lyrics like “I played a vicious part (Whoa-oh) I've broken my fair share of hea-ar-ar-arts”  and “I'm no good for you (Oh-oh) this heart ain't built for two so run away, run away” it’s a song that will not soon to be forgotten.

In Back To Back the beginning of the chorus has the sped up sound of his hit song Love Like Woe. Unlike the previous hit, this song has a much darker side with lyrics like “I'll take the black and blues I've got everything to lose”  then “It's time to leave here and stop pretending that it's worth mending.” It’s nice to hear some lyrics with a more mature meaning behind them, compared to Hollywood Dream.

A Little More being a slightly more stripped down version of The Ready Set’s sound, making it the most unique, but almost sounding boring, song on the EP.

Young Forever is a fun song about just that, wishing you could stay young forever and taking over the world. Like all of his songs it has the catchy upbeat tempo and carefree lyrics like “We can make a mess like no one knows and risk it on our own” and “Spendin' the money that we don't have cause we don't care, no-oh.” Everyone knows it’s impossible, but it’s fun to imagine that we can all stay kids forever.

Operator is about a girl breaking his heart, with lyrics that say it all, “What's the problem? She's breaking my heart for fun!” and semi clever lyrics like “So tell me operator, how do I operate her?”  Even though it is a sad song, don’t expect it to be a slow song.

Notion is a love song with lyrics like “You say the music makes you wanna fall in love, So let the song come true” the tween girl audience is sure to fall hard for this guy.

Most of The Ready Set’s songs have cheesy irresistible hooks, lots of studio effects, overbearing keyboards and auto-tune, but say what you want about this genre and The Ready Set, but if you can write a song I can’t escape, you’ve done something right.

Favorite Tracks- Killer, Young Forever.

Rating- 5/10


Track Listing

1. Hollywood Dream
2. Killer
3. Back To Back
4. A Little More
5. Young Forever
6. Operator
7. Notions

1. Hollywood Dream
2. Killer
3. Back To Back
4. A Little More
5. Notions