The first track on the album was also the first single. “My Racing Thoughts” is the perfect song to kick off the eleven-track album. It has great acoustic guitar and piano backing, which makes it very catchy. It’s wholesome, strong, and uplifting; an easy fit with all of the past Jack’s Mannequin music. The next track on the album is “Release me.” It has a funky, jazz intro with a fusion of electric guitar and piano. The vocals on this track are impeccable, they sound much more powerful than any past songs. It’s a pretty catchy song as well. This song could easily fit on mainstream radio.

         The third track on People and Things is “Television.” It is spiritual sounding with moody music backing the clear vocals. As like every Jack’s Mannequin song, the piano chords sound classy and impressive.Andrew McMahon is a brilliant pianist. The next song, “Amy, I” shows off Andrew’s large vocal range. This song undeniably sounds like a Dashboard Confessional song. It has an unusually powerful percussion, which is great. Things slow down as “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)” starts. It has a goose bump inducing piano and vocal intro. The lyrics “Keep your eyes on the road on the glass passenger” clearly ties this song to Jack’s Mannequin’s second album, The Glass Passenger. This song has painfully true lyrics that seem to reflect Andrew’s deep feelings on the past years of his life.

         A refreshingly bright song, “People, Running” is the next track on People and Things. This song recovers from the depressing previous track. “Amelia Jean” is a beautiful love song that has swingy vocals and a great piano backing. There might even be a hint of Spanish guitar thrown into the song. It has lovely story telling lyrics that will entice any listener to replay the song. The next track, “Platform Fire” is a pleasant slow song with great harmonizing and an unexpected guitar solo. The brilliant contrast of instruments in this song really portrays the musical genius of Andrew McMahon.

         “Hostage” provides a pleasing snippet of Andrew’s wide vocal range. It has a sing-song melody that gets slightly annoying, but the alluring vocals make up for that fact. The most delicate and impressive track on the album, “Restless Dream” follows. It is an intoxicating lullaby that can easily bring chills. The classical guitar strumming and careful harmonies guarantee that a smile will be brought to your face. This is by far the most prettiest, gentle song on the album. The final track of the album is “Casting Lines.” It has the classic Jack’s Mannequin piano intro and neatly ties the album together.

         People and Things is a great representation of the 2011 Jack’s MannequinAndrew McMahon has matured over the years and it’s clearly depicted in his music. The basic but creative melodies in all of the songs are impressive and worth your time. Pick up People and Things anywhere on October 4th! Also, be sure to catch a Jack’s Mannequin show on the upcoming tour, starting October 6th!

Rating: 8.5/10

Key Tracks: "Release me" "Restless Dream" "My Racing Thoughts"