Former band members of Fall Out Boy (Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley), Anthrax (Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano) and Every Time I Die (Keith Buckley and Josh Newton) have combined to form the Noah's Arc of music, The Damned Things, which released their debut album Ironiclast on December, 14 2010 with Island Records. In the music industry, the majority of bands and musicians have a goal but some end up in going in the opposite direction, but then there is The Damned Things, who have succeeded exactly what they were heading for. 


   Fan's of all three of the bands whom members were known for had no idea what to expect, was The Damned Things going to be  pop-rock or southern-hardcore? Try more of a southern classic rock n' roll! It's about time that bands stopped trying to be the new generation of music, and instead went back to when music was worshiped. That being said, it's no surprise that Trohman had mentioned that Led Zeppelin influenced the record! 


Breaking in Ironiclast with track, Handbook for the Recently Deceased, starting off with very heavy/classic southern chords which open's Keith Buckley's vocals. Not every vocalist can go from a hardcore band like Every Time I Die to singing in an 80's inspired pitch, let alone completely nailing it. Handbook for the Recently Deceased was the perfect opening for Ironiclast due to the fact that it showed the listeners exactly what they were heading into with the catchy classic rock n' roll chorus and guitar solos. 

   Track four, We've Got A Situation Here, the iTunes-released single fans had immediately raved about. Keith Buckley's natural heavy vocals were featured. The hardcore side to The Damned Things had come out more in this track than the rest, but they kept the classic rock n' roll sound with solo guitar riffs throughout the entire track. During the bridge, they re-tapped into their hardcore roots with driving guitar tones, and vocals that reflect Every Time I Die. The reflection of ETID is not so much carried in this album through sound but instead lyrics, with the scholarly-like terms, which could have been contributed to English Professor Buckley. 

   Black Heart, offered everything that you would want in a track; strong vocals, catchy chorus, driven guitar solos, and an ending that leaves you wanting more.  Friday Night (Going Down In Flames), Buckley sings "all I want is another good time", from what I hear, that's the only vibe they are given off! 


   Ironiclast wasn't just a debut record released, it's a disease which once it's got a hold of you, your never turning back! Not only that, but with the blues-tinged classic rock feel your dad would probably fancy it as well. Overall, The Damned Things have managed to become one of's favorite bands with only just one record out, and we can't wait for what's next for these unbelievably talented boys.

The Damned Thing's Ironiclast - Album Review by Shannah Lauren

01. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
02. Bad Blood
03. Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)
04. We’ve Got a Situation Here
05. Black Heart
06. A Great Reckoning
07. Little Darling
08. Ironiclast
09. Grave Robber
10. Blues Having the Blues

Rating: 10/10

Best Tracks: Handbook For The Recently Deceased, We've Got A Situation Here, Black Heart.