It is hard to believe that Ke$ha has only been a popular solo artist for a little more than a year. She released her debut album Animal in January of 2010. Her first single Tik Tok is the seventh all time selling digital song in history. Ke$ha has been at the top of the music charts this past year, and with her new EP Cannibal, she is sure to stay at the top for a while. Cannibal was released in the United States on November 22nd, 2010. It was released as a companion to Animal.

            Ke$ha continues her playful pop sound on this EP. Cannibal opens with the title track. “Cannibal” is a dark and twisted song, with lyrics consisting of ‘I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch, then when I’m thirsty I drink their blood’ in one of the bridges. It is a cruel and unusual song, but it is extremely catchy with its pop-chorus. It gives off the feeling of pure teenage angst. “We R Who We R” follows up “Cannibal”. “We R Who We R” was the first released single from Cannibal. Ke$ha was inspired to write this song because of recent bullying of minorities. This song displays Ke$ha’s confidence in herself and how others should be self-confident as well. It is a feel good pop song that is a definite hit; it debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

            The next tracks are “Sleazy” and “Blow” which definitely show Ke$ha’s talent at ‘rapping’. These tracks distinctly represent Nicki Minaj’s style of music. They are both playful and catchy.  With “The Harold Song”, Ke$ha took a stab at a slow song. It is an emotional song about young love that sounds very unusual for Ke$ha. The music and lyrics alike are both pretty. “Crazy Beautiful Life” follows “The Harold Song”. It is a feel-good song that shows Ke$ha’s flirtatious and cheerful side. A childish beat starts “Grow A Pear”. This song has vicious lyrics obviously attacking a past Ke$ha boyfriend who was too emotional. It is the most humorous track of the EP by far. Ke$ha’s vocals are showed off on the track “CU Next Tuesday”. Unlike most of her songs, where she talk-sings, she belts out her vocal chords in this track. It is a unique ‘love’ song that has a slower beat. The final track on Cannibal is a remix of the title track from Animal. “Animal” remix by Billboard is an efficient remix with a slowed down beat.

            Overall, Ke$ha’s new EP Cannibal  is a fun, interesting, and playful set of nine tracks. It follows suit to her previous CD Animal with pop tunes that are sure to be played on dance floors. Ke$ha proves once again she can bring the party anytime. I enjoy her latest music and look forward to more. Catch Ke$ha on the road this winter as she embarks on her ‘Get $leazy Tour.’ - {United States}


Rating: 8/10

Key Tracks: “Blow”, “The Harold Song”, and “Sleazy”